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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What grocery stores carry your breads?


Every week, scratch that every day a customer comes in to the bakery and asks? Where else can I get your bread?

We say no where else but here and at the Farmers Market's. They look at me like I am from Mars and say why not?

My response is always the same , because we love to see who are customers are, what they like, if they enjoy what we do.

Some people get it right away and are happy with that response, while others secretly go away saying, what idiots, don't they realize how much more money they could be making if they sold to the supermarkets. Which I guess is true, but if we were in this just for the money, believe me there are a lot less demanding ways to make a buck.

Besides you can not make good honest bread on a large scale. You need machines and additives and stabilizers and mold inhibitors, plastic and speed and that is just the kind of bread supermarkets will gladly sell you, and for not much less than the real hand made stuff either.

I also feel that if people want bakeries like ours to exist they have to stop expecting to buy it from a supermarket. They have to come to the Mom and Pop places, like our parents used to do. Towns were once full of of butchers, bakers and candlestick makers, now sadly most are just a long line of strip malls and big box retailers. It really saddens me to think of how few options we now have to get real food from the actual producer, the artisans who bother to take the time to do it right and take pride in making it.

This is why I love and support Farmers Markets and the little artisan shops everywhere. Yes real products cost more, and they should, it is people not machines or big corporations in charge of the food, it is real people making real products for us to enjoy.

OK, off my soap box, we just hope to see your smiling face at the bakery!