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Thursday, November 25, 2010


This is scary really really scary!

A good friend grew up on a farm and went back home to visit her folks this summer. On the ride from the airport she saw a farmer spraying his field with pesticide, which is not on odd sight in it's self, but it was certainly odd at this time of year. She asked her sister. " What the heck are they doing spraying Roundup at this time of year right before harvest" To which she replied they are desecrating the wheat. Killing IT. Which in short means if the wheat is wet the farmers do not get as much money for it. So they wait for a time when they have about a week without rain, they spray it with pesticide to kill it, therefore drying it and then they harvest it right away. And voila it enters the food system without any chance of the rains having time to wash away the pesticide.

Apparently this is now common practice.

I am so glad that there are farmers who do not feel the need to do this and grow their wheat organically.

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